Reese Witherspoon brings another dog named Major to her family and shares his photo on social media

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon definitely is one of the most successful actresses in the film industry and even more has bagged several awards for her tremendous acting.Not to forget in 2019 she also was one of the highest paid actresses and also made into the list of top 100 most influential women by Forbes magazine in the year 2015.These are just some of the achievements the actress has got but also she said to be a kind and helpful person and she absolutely loves animals especially her precious dogs .She loves to share her special moments on her social media accounts where she is cuddling or playing with her pet dogs.The Legally Blonde actress posts about her lovely canines time and again which shows how much of a dog lover she truly is.

Reese Witherspoon

New member in Witherspoon’s family

Recently on 15th of January 2021 Reese Witherspoon shared a post on Instagram welcoming her new black Labrador pet whom she named Major. This adorable puppy received massive love from Reese Witherspoon’s followers and fans who can’t get enough of Major’s cute and innocent face.There were numerous photos of Major where he is sitting on the grass and smiling looking very charming.

Witherspoon gets heartbroken after her dog died

The 44 year old actress had disclosed in October of 2020 that her family’s French bulldog who was beloved pet pepper who unfortunately passed away.The news left Reese heartbroken and sad since pepper was faithful family member.She also stated that pepper for months was struggling with cancer which was the reason of the her sad demise.She then posted about her saying that pepper is in heaven where she  is a queen and that she loves pepper and always will.

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Details about Witherspoon’s pet dogs

The actress has a big list of pets and again had another bulldog addition last year in 2020 introducing her new pet dog to the world named Minnie Pearl (who was named after a comedian sharing the same name).Another bulldog named Lou was brought in their family on June 2019 and shows up on her posts consistently.