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Rapper YFN Lucci alleged of murder in a shooting in Atlanta surrenders after a warrant was issued against the rapper

YFN Lucci

Rayshawn Bennett also known as rapper YFN in the music industry and been in this field for about seven years where he managed to get his songs on the billboard charts.The 29 year old American rapper has also gained fame by his songs especially “everyday we lit” which was on number 33 on billboard’s hot 100 list.The rapper was born in Atlanta at a young teenage age realised his skills as a rapper.He wanted to pursue music and followed his elder brother’s footsteps who also is a rapper that goes by the name  YFN KAY.Although the rapper was doing fairly well in life he recently was accused of being part of gang shooting which took place on 10nth of December 2020.The rapper was allegedly driving the car in an area of another rival gang and some shooting took place in the area which raised questions against the rapper.

YFN Lucci

Rapper involved in rival gang shooting

Rapper YFN who is 29 at age was reportedly involved in a gang shooting against a rival gang which turned fatal for one and the other one severely injured.Deceased 28 year old Adam was shot in the face which killed him, the police found him lying on the road where they confirmed he was no more.Another guy who witnessed the incident was Kevin wright, this 32 year old was shot in the stomach when he arrived at a fire station and he managed to survive the gun wound.Police quickly related both the shootings and disclosed that it looks like a rival gang violence that has taken place.

Two accused arrested in Miami

Two accused named Ra’von Boyd(23) and an underage Leroy Pitts(17) were arrested in Miami which were alleged to have also been in the car along with the rapper during the time of the gang shooting.

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YFN surrendered to the police

After the accusations caught fire and the police investigations revealed that the rapper has some connection with the shootings and soon released an arrest warrant.However the rapper himself turned himself in front of the police and later he was arrested and taken into custody.There are serious charges on the rapper which are murder,criminal street gang activity and illegal possession of firearms.