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Popular pregnant blogger Emily Mitchell’s reason for death disclosed,she passed away along with her unborn child

Emily Mitchell

Recently a news had been revealed when one famous influencer on Instagram that did lifestyle and parenting blogging unfortunately passed away while being pregnant with her fifth child.Emily Mitchell was a 36 year old mother who was pregnant with her fifth child and it had been 16 weeks until she passed away along with her unborn child.The news was extremely heartbreaking and it happened on 22nd December at her house when she was having breakfast but her family members noticed she was not moving.The family members immediately went to admit her to the hospital and even after the doctors several attempts they could not save Emily and her child.

Emily Mitchell

What happened to Emily that caused her death

The reason behind the passing away of this popular influencer is said to be due to pulmonary embolism.In this condition the arteries in your lungs clot due to which the blood flow constraints and can be lethal.Pregnant woman are at risk of such a problem although the doctors tried to save her but could not.Emily wanted to name her child joey according to her family.

Emily’s blogging journey on Instagram

Emily’s blogs were popular as she gave great tips for parenting and had more than 100k followers on Instagram.She lived with her husband and kids in a farmhouse in Rhode Island’s where she shared her experiences and journey.She was said to be a strong Christian believer and a mother of four children.Emily also had pursued a degree on psychology from Rhode Island college.She was currently going to blog about her experience being a mother for the fifth time but passed away before that.However she mainly shared her blog on Instagram and not on other popular social media handles.

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Go Fund Me page to support family

The family of Emily Mitchell managed a fundraiser page for the family’s support due to the immense loss they suffered.After the pandemic the family had to go through another serious feeling of loss.Hence the family and their close ones decided to make a fundraiser page which could help the family deeply and have successfully raised more than $143,000 from December 31st.