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Dustin Diamond reveals he has stage 4 cancer, On January 13th actor Dustin was hospitalised in Florida

Dustin Diamond

Ever since the pandemic has struck the world,millions of people in the film industry worldwide have suffered tremendous loss.Lately celebrities are disclosing their struggles with health issues and when they reveal such news it leaves fans worried.Now recently another celebrity,American actor Dustin Diamond has disclosed that he has stage four cancer.The 44 years old actor has been a part of the famous sitcom saved by the bell where he plays the character called Samuel. The actor has also tried the field of directing and is a stand up comedian too.Although his career has been great the actor has struggled a lot in his life where he has been imprisoned multiple times.

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond diagnosed with cancer

It has been confirmed that actor Dustin Diamond has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.On January 13th actor Dustin was hospitalised in Florida with immediate effect as soon as he was feeling some aches and uneasiness throughout his body .Sources revealed that Dustin noticed a sort of lump in his throat that got him worried and was taken by the emergency ward in the hospital.After a few days passed,Dustin’s team on Facebook disclosed that the actor is suffering from cancer and further stated that they will appreciate some privacy right now and will post about his conditions in the future.The post also said that they welcome support and prayers for the actor.

History of cancer within Dustin’s family

It is not hidden that Dustin Diamond’s family has been suffering from cancer since a long time and have a history of cancer amongst their family.Dustin’s mother also unfortunately passed away as she battled with breast cancer.This has been a family trend although the actor is currently being treated and said to have gone through his first chemotherapy treatment.As of now there is no news of the actor having the coronavirus.

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Dustin’s been jailed multiple times

Actor Dustin Diamond has faced several problems especially regarding his prison visits.Dustin has been to jail for endangering the safety of the public and many serious charges.He also has been arrested for possession weapons like switchblade knife.