Hrush Achemyan, Kardashian Family Makeup artist posts a viral video about her struggle with ovarian cancer

Hrush Achemyan

Celebrity makeup artist, Hrush Achemyan, who has been working with the Kardashian family posts a viral video talking about her struggle with ovarian cancer. The artist took to her Instagram to share pictures of her inflamed belly with a caption that said it was a difficult decision to openly talk about her battle and she has finally mustered up the courage to share her journey.

Hrush AchemyanThe video that made her journey public

In the 18-minute-long video, Achemyan explained that a mass was discovered in her left ovary during an annual checkup. The mass was diagnosed to be malignant and was it was a Stage 1 ovarian cancer after 5 biopsies. The swelling of the cervix is hard and gives the artist the look of pregnancy. The artist herself has revealed her shock at the protruding belly.

Hrush’s current health status and recovery

The video continued with Hrush going to the Medical center in LA to visit the doctor. In the video, she has repeatedly asked all of the viewers to take annual checkups seriously. She has reiterated the dangers of cancer and how it slowly kills you. She is apparently being treated by the same doctor who delivered Kylie Jenner’s daughter. After the procedure, the artist revealed that it was painful. It almost felt like a very bad period pain but that is better because she is recovering. She also said that it was comforting to share her story finally. She shed happy tears because she felt blessed to have shared her journey and is looking towards a recovery. The swelling also had relatively gone down after the mass was removed. She says that she needs to be under constant observation for any sign of relapse.

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