Bruce Willis was seen shopping without a mask, People are making jokes and memes on his immature act

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis an American actor was seen shopping without a mask. The pictures caught a huge deal of attention and the news went viral within no time. Bruce, 65 has worked in number of movies but the ones that are doing rounds on social media right now are Mortal thoughts, death wish and Die hard. The fact is, that the movies are not getting attention because of actor’s performance or the plot, but totally different reasons. People are making jokes and memes on Willis’ immature act. They are using memes as outlet of their anger and disgust.

Bruce WillisRite-Aid Shopping

He was seen shopping in Rite-Aid, Los Angeles and he chose to test the times by not wearing a mask. More surprising thing is the role of his bandana to keep his neck warm, could’ve been easily switched to cover his nose and mouth. People who were in the pharmacy at that time expressed their concerns and shock. Being a senior citizen of the county he shouldn’t have acted like a rebel. The least he could do was to pull up the bandana and avoid all this ruckus. But the “Die hard” actor chose drama.

Bruce had to leave the pharmacy because of his actions

Following his actions, he was asked to leave the pharmacy without shopping for the stuff he needed. This is what everyone should be doing, if the good of whole community is at stake. Just because a known figure shows up and crosses limits, rules can’t be bent and moulded. Although, he later released a statement saying that, his intent was not to harm anyone and he wants everyone to be careful, wear masks. His actions however don’t go hand in hand with his words. Los Angeles suffered more than 12,000 deaths due to COVID-19 and has about one million infected cases. Keeping current situation in view, people should be careful and avoid doing things that can not only affect them, but the whole community.

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