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While tributing Alex guest host Ken Jennings gets emotional, Alex Trebek for the popular show jeopardy died in November 2020

Alex Trebek the host for the popular show jeopardy unfortunately died in November 2020.The legendary host passed away after struggling with pancreatic cancer for a total of 18 months but couldn’t struggle more and passed away.After the sudden sad demise of Alex Trebek,the producers of the show decided to bring in guest hosts to continue the show.The makers also decided to telecast a set of last episodes that were hosted by Alex Trebek as a tribute to honour the Guinness world record holder Alex Trebek.The first guest host to appear was revealed by the makers and it was none other than Ken Jennings who has a streak for winning jeopardy for a total of 74 times.Hence he understands the how the game show works and so was selected.


Ken Jennings gets emotional during tribute to Alex

From 11th January 2021 Ken Jennings began the series of guest host appearances for the game show jeopardy.It seemed that guest host Ken Jennings got extremely emotional during the monologue.When Ken Jennings started to mention the late host Alex Trebek, he couldn’t hold back his feelings and teared up.He said that it’s was one of the greatest honours of his life to have shared a stage with Alex Trebek.He also revealed he misses him dearly and thanked him for his work for everyone.

Fans will take time to get used to guest hosts

Fans of the famous game show are feeling bizarre as they were used to Alex Trebek hosting the show for a long time.After watching Ken Jennings as host,numerous fans revealed that it will certainly take time for them to get used to guest hosts now.It surely will be difficult since Alex Trebek has been hosting the game show from 1948 till 2020 in which he completed more than eight thousand episodes.Therefore fans were habituated to watching late Alex for a long 37 years. Hence replacing Alex Trebek will be a huge task not only for the makers but also for the fans to accept new hosts.

Rumours about Ken Jennings being a permanent host

After Ken Jennings was disclosed as being one of the guest hosts to appear and host the game show multiple rumours started to gather around.The rumours state that Ken Jennings was prepared to host the show and also that he could be an obvious permanent host choice for the jeopardy.Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet and now Katie courric is reportedly going to take the next guest host place in jeopardy.

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