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Glenn Beck points out the cons of Lockdown and says his personal life has suffered because of COVID-19

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck and his wife Tania had to go through tough time because of lockdown. Beck says his kids couldn’t meet their school friends and that is having a negative impact on them

Glenn on Kelly’s Podcast

Beck married Tania Colonna two decades back and they have a son together. Beck has openly criticised lockdown since March of 2020. He has been at the forefront to prevent the countrywide lockdown. He recently appeared on a podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show”. On this show, he revealed some heart breaking secrets of his personal life. He said that the lockdown have deeply affected his mental peace and his family in a negative way. He shared a story when he was sleeping and at around midnight his wife Tania, got a call from their kid’s teacher. Not only that, they had a policeman knocking at their front door. One of their children was suicidal and the calls, visits were to warn them.

Glenn Beck

Glenn’s past life and relationship

Glenn Lee Beck, 56 is a host and producer. He is also known for his political narratives and conspiracy theories. Besides the roles mentioned above, he also has a knack for writing. He has authored number of best selling books. His side of the political spectrum is known to us as the Republicans. Glenn has two daughters with with Claire, his wife. The relationship couldn’t make it to the point of regulation and the split was seen as the only option for the couple. Beck had family issues and had fallen into the dark pit of substance abuse. He also was a prey of suicidal tendencies, but later he got help from various reliable sources and now he gives advice to people on the subjects of self help and self appreciation.

Rough patch in Glenn Beck’s Life

Glenn Beck has made it obvious over time that, he had to go through a great deal of suffering and health issues throughout his life. He had neurological problems which made it hard to focus on the work and continue with punctuality, but there are always two sets of people in the system. The ones who present a statement, and those who oppose those statements. Beck also had the second set of people to make verifications behind his back, to make sure that his diagnosis was legitimate.

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