Sunny Hostin, Co-Host of popular talk show The View revealed both her in-laws Died from Coronavirus

Sunny Hostin

Coronavirus!! We all know how cruel can this disease be …. For Sunny Hostin, who is the cohost of popular talk show The View and Senior Legal Correspondent for ABC news revealed a heartbreaking news on Friday morning. She shared that both her in-laws died within three days due to coronavirus i.e. COVID-19. Hostin said that she was unwilling to share that her husband Emmanuel Hostin has gone through such a tragic loss. However after talking with her husband he that it was very important to share that they are deeply saddened over the death of both of his parents during the holidays, Hostin added further.

Sunny HostinHer in-laws even skipped thanksgiving this year amidst pandemic

Dr. A. Emmanuel, father of Emmanuel Hostin, died on December 28, at the age of 83 while her mother Dr. Maria Jesus passed away on New Years’ Day at 78 years of age. Hostin said that they were very vigilant of the preventive measure of coronavirus and even skipped thanksgiving in the pandemic situation. She said that even after a lot of contact tracing they don’t know how her in-laws contacted this virus. However, by god’s grace, they were able to Face Time during their last breathe. Hostin thanked her Co Worker to give her strength in tough times and doctors who treated her in laws.

Sunny Hostin is best known for her talk show “The View”

 Born on October 20, 1968, Sunny Hostin is an American Lawyer and TV host. She is well known for her morning talk show The View and also works as Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC news.  She is also associated with the famous crime series “Investigation Discovery” as host and executive producer. She married to Emmanuel Hostin, a surgeon, and is the mother of two.

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