Maria Menounos TV host and journalist clarifies that they are not quite expecting just yet

Maria Menounos

Afterthoughts surgical operation to get rid of a benign tumor, the TV host and journalist makes her health a subject.

Maria Menounos has grown to be glad she became being a hypochondriac.

Maria MenounosMeningioma Revealed

A golfing-ball-sized tumor referred to as a meningioma has grown to be pressing down on Menounos’ facial nerves. When they gave me the expert analysis, I simply commenced out giggling, she says. I even have emerged as just like, and I cannot consider this may probably be taking vicinity all yet again in my family. Unlike her mother’s tumor, the meningioma ends up slow-growing and almost actually benign—but that did not recommend it wasn’t risky. If it endured developing, cancer must motivate worsening complications, balance problems, speech impairments, and particular probable disabling signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms and symptoms. For the subsequent months, as Menounos consulted with Keith L. Black, MD, chair of the branch of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who emerge as moreover being concerned for her mother, she stored her situation secret, now not merely from colleagues and pals however from her dad and mom as nicely. Her signs and symptoms and signs and signs and symptoms and signs endured severe headaches, slurred speech, lightheadedness, and exhaustion; however, she effectively concealed them. When you get analysis like this, you commonly rush to tell your dad and mom. But I couldn’t, because of the reality they were each in such a rigid state of affairs, she says. My mom wasn’t doing very well then, and I just couldn’t locate that burden on her or my dad.

Three days in advance of her surgical treatment, she and Undergaro went to look at her mother and father

When we said, ‘There’s some element we need to tell you,’ their eyes lit up. Then we had to inform them I wasn’t pregnant, she says. It has emerged as lousy. And then I needed to go through the whole lot with them and offer a cause in the back of it to them nearly as a teacher may additionally: My tumor is not cancerous. It’s the handiest a foreign item in my thoughts that we need to dispose of.

Challenging Recovery

Menounos changed into decided to stand her recovery from the seven-hour surgery with the right attitude. Because of the entirety I have been through with my mother, I felt like I should get through a few trouble as soon as I knew that this emerges as benign.

Despite a successful operation and her very personal dedication, Menounos had a problem handling the lingering element outcomes following her surgical remedy. More than months later, in mid-August, she comes to be despite the reality of experiencing nausea, dizziness, and double vision. I determined a marked difference week through the week, but there was a factor wherein I changed into just like, ‘Why am I now not getting higher?’ I simply have become annoyed and having a merely hard time with it, she admits.


A visit from a chum who has been thru a comparable surgical remedy helped her reframe her attitude.

 She instructed me that it took her months to get lower once more to in which she changed into earlier than. So I decided that I needed to offer myself more significant time to relax and adequately heal, Menounos says. For example, my jaw but isn’t always proper. Chewing is undoubtedly tough because the 5th facial nerve controls that, which my tumor modified into. So I’m definitely going to need to be an affected individual. She’s. However, web hosting her SiriusXM radio display. However, she resists the urge to push herself too hard. For example, the most effective workout she’s doing at this element is strolling.

Helping Others

As of November, Menounos’ mom became, regardless of the reality, is doing nicely. Mom’s MRIs are stable and slightly higher each month, Menounos says. She’s persevering with at equal treatment: month-to-month chemotherapy and Optune. This tool emits wave-like electric powered fields known as tumor-treating fields (TTFields) that inhibit most cancer cell replication and reason maximum cancer cellular loss of life. Inspired by her friend’s use, Menounos has assigned herself the location of supporter for others who are at an identical adventure. She maintains a virtual folder of her mother’s remedy protocols, further to the complementary treatments they have got pursued for each of her very personal scenarios and her mother’s.

I experience like I need to set up, she says

The second a person says they may be dealing with this, I deliver them a link to the folder and guide them as an entire lot as I can. If I can even help them comprehend what to expect, that is what I’m proper right here for. That’s part of my cause now.