Eva Amurri American film and television actress announced on her blog dating chef named Ian Hock


Eva Amurri is an American film and television actress. Though she ended up acting and started blogging, she’s back with the news of dating the chef Ion Hock. The actress was married to Kyle Martino on October 29th, 2011. They came a long way since 2011 and had three children. A daughter Marlowe, 6 years old, two sons, Major, 4 years old, and Mateo, 10 months old. Eva and Martino split up in November 2019. They parted their ways just one and a half months before they welcomed their third child, Mateo. On their divorce, Martino said that they both saved each other when they met but sucked up at their marriage.

EVA AMURRIAfter a year of their split, Eva revealed that she has a man in her life. On Thursday, Eva on her blog announced that she has been dating a chef named Ian Hock. She even described how she met Hock. She once went to have dinner with one of her friends and coincidentally, they both went to hock’s restaurant. The friend she had dinner with went to the same high school as hock. And this is how they met for the first time. She further said that they both felt an immediate connection and spark and chatted a lot. She recalled what she thought of him at first sight, “I found him cute but as I knew nothing about his family and relationship status, I started following him on Instagram to know him better. He followed me back as well. We talked for about a month via texts and messages. And by doing so we got to know each quite well.” Amurri shared on her blog that the guy she’s been talking about is Ian. She added, “Ian is truly very caring, creative, funny, and loving. He’s 6’4 and is very handsome. We both share tons of things in common. And I’m extremely happy to have someone like him in my life.” Her happiness could be felt in every comment she made about him. Hock is supporting her with her parenting life and her co-parenting with her ex. Though, she has not shared her pictures along with hock on her account. But she posted her pictures clicked by hock on her Instagram on Thursday.



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