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No Charges filed against Wisconsin police officer in Jacob Blake shooting case

Jacob Blake

Recently during the beginning of when the world was aware that a Covid-19 was officially a pandemic in May 2020, an incident took place that created mass chaos in the whole of America. The death of George Floyd caused havoc and severe criticism from all around the world. The heinous act of crime committed by the policemen at duty in Minneapolis was not only highly condemned but also gave rise to one of the biggest black lives matter(BLM) movements. All across various states of America were protesting and asking for justice and equality for the rights of the black community that has on multiple occasions faced racism, police brutality, discrimination at the workplace and for their salaries and also are frowned upon by many white supremacists. The majority of Americans thought that now there won’t be more such cases that will arrive but yet again in 2020 when the shooting of Jacob Blake took place it angered a lot of people.

Another Black citizen shot by police in 2020

Jacob Blake a 29-year-old black citizen was shot seven times at his back In August of 2020 in Wisconsin by officer Rusten Sheskey. Police Officer Rusten’s action caused some critical and grievous injuries to Jacob. The injuries include the liver, stomach, kidney also intestinal damage furthermore he was paralyzed from the waist to his legs due to the gunshots. Police said that Jacob has a knife with him which caused the police officers to take a self defense action. Although a witness said that he had a knife but did not seem violent. The whole event was captured by a mobile phone. Police also stated that there had been two complaints by a woman against Jacob and had an arrest warrant for him since July for sexual abuse and illegal trespassing. Although after the shooting took place many violent protests and rallies against police brutality took place and during a protest a few also died after an armed citizen shot them.

Jacob BlakeWisconsin police officers won’t have charges on them

The district Attorney of Kenosha Mr. Graveley said that the police officers including Rusten Sheskey who shot Jacob Blake will face no charges. He stated the police’s action was justified as it was a clear act of self defense. He furthermore also disclosed that Jacob Blake won’t be facing charges as well.

Jacob’s Family is not happy

On the other hand, Jacob’s family did not accept the decision and said they will go ahead to file a case against the police officers in court and also encouraged others to keep fighting for black rights. Additionally, they urged Americans to keep being vocal about these issues but in a peaceful manner.

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