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The Queen Elizabeth herself denied Prince Harry to attend the Remembrance Day celebration

Remembrance Day

A news report from this week claims that the Queen has denied Prince Harry’s request to have a wreath lain on his behalf on Remembrance Day last month.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need to think again before planning to return to their royal life because they have not got the approvals from the Royal Family. It is suspected that it the Queen’s own decision to not allow Harry to lay the wreath and that it took her a mere 2 seconds to decide.

Prince Harry’s request

Harry was disheartened and as a publicity stunt and to make up for it, Meghan and Harry did a photoshoot alone at Los Angeles National Cemetery.

It was previously reported that the palace officials had decided to exclude the Prince without discussing it with the Queen, but now we have sources confirming that it was the Queen’s personal decision.

Remembrance DayThe Queen’s Reaction to Harry’s stepping back

A source has said that one cannot choose what they want to do when it is about an institution. It is either in or out. Prince Harry seemed to have forgotten what it was to be a non-working Royal.

When the Prince and Meghan decided to step back as senior members and move to North America to become financially independent, the Queen had told them that in no way he could expect the monarchy to ply with his whims. The Queen was very sure-footed and decisive and never wavered from her decision.

The reason behind the young couple’s moving to the USA

On moving to the USA, the young couple had signed deals worth about 130 million dollars. The deals are proof that the goals that the couple share was incompatible with the royal family and they had the guts to pursue their dream. It was their choice to leave. But it is well known that the Royal Family is still very much in touch with them and on a personal level, the couple is loved and adored by them.

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