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Several celebrities were spotted enjoying themselves despite the Pandemic on New Year’s Eve

Several celebrities seem to have forgotten the raging pandemic during this Holiday season. In Miami, a lot of celebrities were spotted enjoying themselves as if there is no tomorrow in the public on New Year’s Eve.

PandemicCelebrities who were spotted

Among many others. Chris Brown was spotted at an outdoor Komodo, dining with the owner of the Fashion Brand, Fashion Nova. It is reported that later Tyga and Marshmello joined them both. Other famous celebrities Rhyme and the Stallone Sisters were also at the same place. Diddy, who had done a lot to help families in Miami during the pandemic crisis, was spotted celebrating his son Justin’s 27th birthday at the Swan. The venue only requires a mask when not seated at a table. It seemed as if the deadly virus was also on a holiday while people continued to party without proper precautions. On looking at the scene, no one would know that there was a pandemic going on. Venus Williams was also spotted dining outside at an open-air restaurant. At the same restaurant Elle McPherson, Unik Ernest, and New York City celebrity publicist Anna Rothschild were also spotted. Nicky Jam and fiancée Cydney Moreau were spotted holding hands over an octopus during this season. The vibe of the places seems to be completely careless and irresponsible. There is no sign of masks and proper social Distancing.

Real Estates bought by celebrities

Many celebrities have bought homes in Miami, with reports claiming that Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, Cindy Crawford have all bought estates in the palm tree-lined city.

Positivity Rate of Covid-19

The Covid-19 positivity rate is on a surge. The city looks at a rate of 23.9% as of Tuesday. The irresponsible behaviors of celebrities are really shameful. Many celebrities have gone on record to say that the pandemic will not stop them from partying. Other than celebrities, normal people are also flocking to the city to celebrate the holidays. It’s as if there was no pandemic, to begin with.

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