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Two Louisville Pollice officers involved in Breonna Taylor killing to be fired

Breonna Taylor killing

The two Louisville police officers who were involved in the heart-breaking death of the 26-year-old emergency technician, Breonna Taylor will be fired. Detective Joshua Jaynes, who used the no-knock warrant to enter Taylor’s home, and Detective Myles Cosgrove, who fired the shot to kill Breonna, both received termination letters from Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) interim chief, Yvette Gentry.

Reason for being fired

According to reports, Cosgrove is being fired for the violation of LMPD procedures on the use of force and body cameras. The detective was not wearing one at the time of the shooting, while Jaynes reportedly violated department policies on search warrant execution preparation and truthfulness.

Cosgrove reportedly fired 16 rounds of shots without being certain what he was aiming at. Gentry wrote in Detective Cosgrove’s pre-termination letter that the shots were fired in three different directions, demonstrating that the detective did not have a specific target. How the shots were fired were inconsistent, which is a direct contradiction to the training, values, and policy.

Breonna Taylor killingDetective Jaynes was not present at the time of the shooting, but the LMPD chief has stated that his policy violations played a role in Taylor’s death. The pre-termination letter stated that Jayne lied when he swore on the warrant application.

Public opinion regarding the firing

Both the officers have a right to hearing with Gentry and the staff before the firings are finalized. As of now, only one officer involved in the murder has been fired. Previous LMPD chief officer terminated Detective Brett Hankinson, who blindly fired 10 rounds of gunfire into Taylor’s apartment.

Lonita Baker, the attorney representing Taylor’s family, spoke out supporting Gentry’s move. The supporters are applauding the LMPD’s decision and have publicly criticized Joshua and Cosgrove. The interim chief, Gentry is optimistic that his decisions are responsible and would yield positive results.

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