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Earthquake of magnitude 6.4 Hits Croatia, Seismic shake took about 6 innocent lives leaving countless people to be injured

Natural Disasters are at their peaks since the last decade, several such natural calamities have taken place at greater magnitudes than ever recorded before which is very alarming. Even in the year 2020, various disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, Wildfires and even the viral pandemic is a disaster hence 2020 was filled with many such massacres that took millions of lives and destruction beyond imagination. Many geologist and environmentalists have raised questions on the recent disaster activities taking place globally and disclosed one of the major reasons such incidents are occurring and in massive sizes is because of lack of seriousness related to environmental damage humans are causing. They also have warned and revealed that this is just a sign that more grave events are to come.

Earthquake Hits CroatiaA tremble that caused chaos

Another such disaster took place in Croatia and caused chaos when an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on a Richter scale. This earthquake created panic amongst the people of Europe. The violent tremors of the ground toppled numerous buildings and structures. The seismic shake took about 6 innocent lives also leaving countless people to be injured. Many were found under the debris suffocating. Those who required medical attention were immediately hospitalised by the rescue team on the ground. Although the number of casualties are less in number but the damage and turmoil the earthquake brought has distributed many citizens of Southern Europeans.

More details on the earthquake

The earthquake was recorded at 6:20 am on a Tuesday in the Zagreb, the country’s capital was hit by this strong and massive earthquake. Many citizens revealed the city is in its worst state currently due to the severe devastation that has left the capital in ruins and remains of once a beautiful city. This was the first ginormous tremor ever to be reported in Croatia, a similar earthquake had taken place but it was centuries ago. There is no casualties in the capital as of now and the rescue teams and authorities are on the ground level trying to clean the wasted bricks and scraps off the roads.

Government’s approach on the situation

The prime minister of Croatia Mr. Andrej Plenkovic will soon inspect the situation on the ground level as well to have an overview of the destruction that was caused. The European council officials have also lend a helping hand to Croatia for its recovery and guarantee support from their side. The trembling was also felt in Austria which is a Central European country. For now the city is recovering and hopefully soon be reconstructed.

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