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Nick McGlashan ,Deadliest Catches Star dies in his thirties, shocked on his pre-mature death

Nick McGlashan

December 28 proved to be a shocker for every follower of the popular Discovery Series “Deadliest Catch” when Lyndia, sister of Nick McGlashan tweeted on his brother’s death. Another Deadliest Catch actor, Mahol Reyes, who was also in his thirties, died of heart attack just four months ago this year. In the tweet, she wrote that she is going though the hardest time after passing away of his brother Nick. Along with the tweet, she also shared a picture with her late brother. As soon as news of his death surfaced on social media, condolences started to pour in for McGlashan family. McGlashan sister Lyndia asked people to help her mother by giving donations in these tough times. Aged just 33, McGlashan is one of the youngest Discovery Stars to have left the world.

“Her sister Lyndia shared the tragic loss on Twitter”

No exact cause is known at this point of time and is currently being investigated by the Nashville Forensic Medical Management. Earlier there was some speculation that he died while he was out in the Alaska Sea. It was his sister Lyndia who first shared this tragic loss on twitter. Later, the death was confirmed by “Today” after consulting with the Forensic Medical Management of Nashville.

Nick McGlashan“Nick early life and his addiction to alcohol and drugs”

Born on 3rd August 1987, Nick McGlashan was a seventh Generation fisherman and was raised in Alaska. He became a well known name when he starred in the Discovery’s Popular Series “Deadliest Catches”. He had two kids with her girlfriend .Throughout his life he indulged himself in alcohol and drugs addiction which resulted in going to rehabilitation centre. However he showed extraordinary commitment and overcame his addiction and proved be an inspiration for many. Discovery Spokesperson Laurie Goldberg appreciated Nick’s efforts and offered condolences to his family.

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