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Reliance Jio set to release their Android smartphone in early 2021, specifications of the Android, not much is known

Reliance Jio was all set to release their Android smartphone in December this year, but reports say that we might have to wait till early 2021. Earlier this year, Jio partnered with Google to create a low-cost smartphone for the Indian market. The announcement of the delay in the launch of the smartphones came after Google invested 33,737 crores in Jio Platforms for a 7.7% stake. Jio Platforms has allotted equity shares to Google, hence, 7.73 % of the fully diluted equity share capital of Jio Platforms is now held by Google.

Reliance JioReliance Jio smartphone Launch Date

The Jio Android phone is said to be still in testing and could take about three months to complete. Jio is considering to keep the price range of around 4,000 for their smartphones to cater to the masses in India. According to reports, the company may introduce as many as 200 million units of smartphones over the next 2 years to take over the market from rivals including Xiaomi.

Componies Collaborating with Jio

Earlier this year, a strategic agreement with Google was signed to develop an Android-based operating system, along with bringing a new entry-level phone with the Google Play store. This development could boost Jio’s business in the Indian markets making Jio a potent competitor for the phone makers. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, has stated that the partnership with Jio platforms is a chance to have a greater impact on the Indian market. Another of the key investors of Jio is Qualcomm Ventures. This collaboration might support Reliance to bring 5G connectivity to the country. However, the exact details of the Jio 5G are yet to be revealed.

Reliance Jio Expected Specifications

Regarding the specifications of the Jio 4G Android, not much is known. We only know that the device will run on an optimized Android platform customized for affordable smartphones. The phone may also be powered by Qualcomm, as the latter has recently invested USD 97 million in Jio. The Jio 4G will be entirely designed and manufactured in India. We expect to learn more details about the device as we near the release.

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