Genshin Impact The Version 1.2 Will launch On December 23 2020

Genshin Impact The Version 1.2

Genshin Impact for a free to play its open world action as RPG that has been played by the players through the visually stunning world of Teyvat. The player will take a role of the mysterious Traveler, who were a sets of a journey to the discover of the fate of the lost of sibling and unveils the mysterious secrets of Teyvat throughout the way.

The seven major cities

On Current situation the players are explore on both the Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor in the most of the seven major cities in the Teyvat have each with the unique cultures, stories and a vast surrounding the landscapes and it is offering with a diversity of creatures, monsters, secrets and along with the hidden treasures for the players to discover their destiny. In further the cities, stories and the  characters along with the seasonal event will be released by the game progresses.

Genshin Impact The Version 1.2The first new map

The Updated Version 1.2 which is being the new map with is being the expansion of Dragonspine. It the cold mountain the range from the south of Mondstadt and the home of the unique creatures had a lot of ancient civilization which is bountiful ingredients the rare artifacts and the recipes for the multiple with the four star weapons.

 It this season the snow was covered in all over the year Dragonspine with is in the a extreme cold weather also the challenges were a traveler and they have to survive with the biting of cold. The new seasonal event with “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” this will also take place in the Dragonspine.

The two new five star characters

The travelers would join with the Albedo who is a genius Chief Alchemist and a captain of the investigation team of Mondstadt’s Knights, to investigate a sword with a mysterious power that was known for a Festering Desire. By participating in the seasonal event the players cannot fully the refinement of the Festering Desire but it will be redeem with the rise of rewards in the event shop which is including the Crown of Insight.

The two new five star characters were Albedo and Ganyu It will also be added as a playable characters. They were Featured in the upcoming “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” in the questline, Albedo is a young and not yet to legendary the genius of the alchemist in the Mondstadt it was wielding with a sword and the power of geo.

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