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Britain covid vaccine, UK health authorities have now rolled out the first dose of the vaccine for the Public

Britain covid vaccine

Britain is a developed country. In this world of COVID 19 pandemic, the world is dealing with a lot many problems. The economy is going down day by day. Although some of the countries are trying to recover their economies. Right now it is the need to get the vaccine as soon as possible. As it is around more than one year that we are facing problems. This time Britain gives the first dose of COVID 19 vaccine as the world catches. UK health authorities have now rolled out the first dose of the vaccine for the people. This gives a ray of hope to fight with this deadliest virus. The country has also started a glob immunization program. This program will gain attention as more serums will be approved by the authorities and show positive results.

Recipient of the first dose

One must be thinking that some youngsters could be the first recipient of the vaccine. This will blow up your mind that she is a 90-year-old grandmother. Her name is Margaret Keenan who even turns 91 next week. She got the first shot on Tuesday. She got the vaccine shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials. This makes the country the first western nation to begin the vaccination for its citizens that too outside the clinical trials. This day has been announced as the V-Day for the country. Grandmother said that she privileged to be a part of this program and be the first one to be vaccinated against this deadliest virus.

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The need for the Vaccination

The Public Health officials are asking the public to be patient. Only those who are at most prone to COVID 19 will be vaccinated in the early stages. The process will further depend on the medical staff who will contact the patient to arrange appointments. These people will have to wait till next year. As 2020 is about to end soon. According to the sources, it is also noticed that those who are above 80 will only get the first doses of which will count up to 800,000 doses. This dose will also include the medical workers to keep them safe from the virus. This could be the first step towards a better future against coronavirus.