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China moon mission For the first time in the universe china is going to take samples from the moon

China moon mission

China’s most awaiting mission has successfully launched to the Moon it is designed to bring lunar rocks or sand back to Earth before the end of the year. If it gets successful it will be the first time in nearly a half a century that the dirt from the Moon that has been reached the Earth and it will be the first time that China has retrieved the materials from another world. The mission is called as Chang’e 5 it is the latest in a long line of lunar missions at that China that has been conducting over the last few decade.

China moon mission

Chang’e 4 was launched to moon

In 2013 the country had made its first soft landing on the Moon with Chang’e 3 which is made by China, just one of three nations who put a spacecraft on the lunar surface. Then in December 2018, China had launched its Chang’e 4 and successfully put its Landing and rover on the far side of the Moon in the early of 2019 a great feat had made that and no other nation has accomplished. Now with the help of Chang’e 5, China had plans to bring back a sample from the Moon. Up to now only two nations the United States and the former Soviet Union have not ever returned any materials from the Moon. So Chang’e 5 could be the next to take the partials from the moon and that was the mission that could put the country on to the course for even more complex flights to the Moon in the future.

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Andrew Jones reporter with a specializing in China’s space program

Andrew Jones who was a freelance reporter specializing in China’s space program told that this is one of the things that the Chinese space program is going very good as of all time. They set incremental targets and goals to build on what they were targeted and make their achievement. But at first a lot of things that have to be gone at the right and Chang’e 5 are perhaps to the most of the complicated mission that had made in China that has ever launched. The mission is fairly heavy cost with all of the hardware which was used for the round trip to the Moon flight weighing in at more than 8.2 metric tons or around to be at 18,000 pounds.