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CBSE board examinations 2021- Written Exams will be Conducted, Officials says

CBSE board examinations 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education had announced on Wednesday that the 2021 board examinations will be held only in the offline written mode and not in an online mode as they said as when and where they could conduct. This is the first major update given by the CBSE on the 2021 board examinations for classes of 10 and 12 students. Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal is scheduled to interact with school students via Twitter on 10 December

The conclusion of the exam

This announces has given recently if there have any modification in that timeline for the conduct of these exams which is usually begun in the between middle of February and at the early of March. No final decision has been taken regarding the dates for conducting the board exams and the consultations will be taken with the stakeholders that were still in process. The exams as and when they are to be conducted that will be in written mode and not in online mode. The exams that will be conducted by following all the Covid protocols said the board in a statement.

Practical exams for the board

The board that also said that it will be explore in the alternatives of the practical exams if the students are unable to do practical in their schools before the exams. In the news that has reported that school educators are worried that they are although with the teaching and learning is being conducted through online with varying levels of success in different schools the inability of students to attend school is having an adverse impact on the practical component of the students’ curriculum. While some states have allowed the schools to reopen for students of the classes of 9 to 12 in November, the most of the states including Delhi have opted to keep them closed.

Previous examination

Schools across the country were closed in the mid of March when the country went into a nationwide lockdown as a precaution against the Covid-19 pandemic. This lockdown is also interrupted with the 2020 board examinations in the mid way. The board had decided to grade students on the basis of this truncated examination season through a modified marking of the scheme and in September it is conducted by the physical compartment of examinations and re-examinations for class of XII students who wanted to increase their scores.

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