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Landslide in Southeast Alaska due to rainfall, 6 People Reported Missing

Landslide in Southeast Alaska

Six people were missing reportedly from Wednesday after a major landslide in Haines that prompted with a local evacuation and that was become a record breaking rainstorm which is triggered with a destructive avalanches on the slides and flooding across on Southeast of Alaska. Haines saw the worst damage. On Wednesday afternoon, a landslide traveled through the Beach Road by the neighborhood which is includes with a homes and the cities of the cruise ship dock and Portage of the Cove State Recreation Site.

The slide was 600 feet long

Mayor Douglas Olerud had said the slide was 600 feet long. Interim Borough Manager, Alekka Fullerton said on Wednesday evening that according to the latest information which is available to her is the six people remained missing but she had also heard reports that some of the missing may have walked out of the landslide area. Olerud said that he had heard about the conflicting numbers. Alaska State Troopers said that the six people were unaccounted for and four homes that had been destroyed. There is approximately nine feet of mud and a tree covering the area of troopers said on Wednesday evening. The Search and rescue operations have been suspended for the evening due to rumbling unstable ground.

Landslide in Southeast AlaskaThe mountain rescue experts from Juneau

The Search and rescue efforts had lasted with the until nightfall and troopers said that the mountain rescue experts from Juneau will be flown to the Haines on an Army National Guard helicopter on Thursday morning. A medic from Juneau’s Capital City was Fire and Rescue and Juneau based troopers was also travel to Haines. The United State Coast Guard flew a helicopter from Sitka to Haines on Wednesday with a small boat that was dispatched from Juneau and two Coast Guard cutters that were preparing to sail, said Chief Petty Officer Kip Wadlow, a spokesman for the Coast Guard in Alaska said on Wednesday afternoon.

The municipal government

The city was ordered with an evacuation of the surrounding of the area after the slide that has because a residents within the immediate danger of another landslide. The municipal government had declared a flooding emergency at 10:30 a.m. On Wednesday and they were warned with a residents to stay off from the roads because of many they were washed out or blocked by landslides. The situation was becoming worst as the day progressed. Aaron Jacobs was a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Juneau that said the heavy rain was expected to continue throughout the Wednesday night.

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