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Will Tokyo be the only survivor in Money Heist Season 5, We can expect it by july 2021 officially announced

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist (is the English title of a popular Spanish series “La casa de Papel”). The creator of the show Alex Pina started the TV program with the intention of keeping it limited. It was planned that it would be released in two parts. But after, Netflix started streaming it, the series was divided into 22 episodes which were released starting from December 2017. Money Heist earned a number of viewers and its ratings kept soaring with every passing day. Its seasons have been shot at different locations like Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Panama. Because of the strong portrayal of characters this series received appreciation, fame, and a number of awards. Money Heist was given the title of Best Drama Series at the 46th International Emmy Awards, it became the most-watched series which didn’t have any narrative or any character speaking in English. It gained most viewers from Latin America and Mediterranean Europe.

Money Heist Season 5

Release Date and Upcoming Seasons

Four parts of Money Heist have been released so far. The number of seasons is two, both being split into parts. The last part ended on a kind of a cliffhanger therefore there was a cue that the next part was on its way. Nothing was official yet, so the release of part 5 can’t be rubbed off the list of possibilities. It has been a real success, it was even ranked #2 in the United Kingdom so there’s no sane reason to kill the show with no proper ending. We saw that the professor couldn’t believe his eyes when Alicia pointed a gun at him, and basically nothing after that. There have been only theories sprouting since then. Now, it has been reported that Netflix might release its 5th part with ten episodes next year (2021) and it will mark the end of Money Heist. This last part will be shot in Denmark, Spain, and Portugal. This season will answer many questions and unfold many mysteries so most people are looking forward to it.

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Expected Cast for Money Heist Season 5

Arturo, Alicia Sierra, Manila, and Gandia will return in the final part in order to lift their stories again and end those well. Besides the old members, it is expected that the series might be welcoming two new characters, Miguel Angel Silvestre and Jose Manuel Seda.  It is, however, still unknown as to what roles they will be playing.

Alvaro Morte will play “the Professor” and Ursula Corbero will be doing “Tokyo”. There will be Pedro Alonso for “Berlin”, Esther Acebo for “Stockholm” and Jaime Lorente for “Denver”.

Conclusion Money heist is all set to air soon, tweet from the official Netflix account said ‘THE HEIST COMES TO AN END. PART 5′ on July 31. … “With La Casa De Papel, we go game by game, like Simeone.

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