Selena Gomez and Jimmy Butler Rumored , To Be Dating, yet to publicly confirm the current gossip

Selena Gomez

American singer-songwriter Selena Gomez and Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler recently sparked dating rumors, after the duo were seen having dinner together, as reported by the Miami Herald. Though the “couple” is yet to publicly confirm the current gossip, a source informs E! News that the singer has in fact hung out with the NBA player a “few times.” Selena has also been keeping her options open, going on few dates with Jimmy, and admits that he’s a great guy. Jimmy had asked her out for dinner and it is reported that they did have a great time. As per the source, Gomez is single but she has started to be more open to dating opportunities. Since she has been open to date, her friends have tried setting her up with suitable men but it seems as though she has enjoyed her time being single and hence, refuses to do so.

Selena Gomez

Careful With Dating During The Pandemic and Prioritizing Health

Keeping aside the truth that she hasn’t been getting serious with anyone after her rough love-and-hate relationship with Bieber, the sources also point out that the 28-year-old singer has been quite aware of dating and getting too intimate with anybody, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Gomez has started to give more importance to her health, as she has lupus. She has been extra cautious and “has rarely left her quarantine bubble”, the source adds, saying that she has been busy with her new beauty line and is really satisfied with launching that during the pandemic. So far during the pandemic, she has been cooking at home and only sees her closest friends and family members occasionally. The former “Wizards Of Waverly Place” star was in a continuous on-and-off relationship with Justin and the latter shocked most of the world by marrying model Hailey Baldwin in 2018. Selena was also reported to have been dating The Weeknd, sometime during 2017.

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Expresses Her Views On Dating Celebrities and On Love

The Rare singer had recently told Zane Lowe on Apple Music Beats 1 that being in a relationship feels like you’re inside a little bubble because it seems to be “safe and sound”, wanting someone else to understand what you’re going through and that it’s like a desire for another person who is as creative as you, and it is “interesting and fun”. But she also elaborated on the cons of being in love, that most people do it based on beauty standards, social media fame and for the sake of society. As in, to be in a relationship for “for people” and never “for yourself.” She told Lowe that people should know whether they’re making it down to the world that people are together for now and they really have to make up their mind if falling in love is “for you or is it for show.”

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