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Chinese Spacecraft Changs 5 Reported To Have Landed On The Moon, will Bring Back Samples From The Moon

China’s unmanned spacecraft named Chang’e-5 had its robotic lunar probe split into two separate parts, the confirmation being announced by the Chinese government. Launched on November 24th, Chang’e-5 had entered the moon’s orbit during the early hours of Monday morning. This is one of the major national enhancements for the country, in trying to develop the historic sample-return mission, as reported by the China National Space Administration; they did not enclose any other detailed information about their particular mission. The state broadcaster CCTV displayed the animated progress of Chang’e-5 spacecraft and had also showcased the scenario of landing on the moon, proving the success of their mission. This feat will be the first-ever time that samples are being brought from the moon, after a span of 44 years. The last time samples were brought from the moon was during NASA’s Apollo Space Program, where US astronauts brought back 842 pounds (382 kilograms) 0f lunar samples between 1969 to 1972.

 Changs 5

Third Country Attempting To Bring Back Samples From The Moon

The unmanned spacecraft, named after a mythical Chinese moon goddess, aims on collecting lunar material to assist scientists to learn more about the moon’s origins and space presence. This mission will attempt to collect 2 kg of samples from the lunar soil by releasing a container into an untouched area of the moon, called the Oceanus Procellarum, or the “Ocean Of Storms”, in order for the orbit-returner spacecraft to deliver the samples to Earth. If this mission does go smoothly, China will be the third nation to have brought samples after America and Russia, and the first time they have retrieved an extraterrestrial substance. Upon landing, the lander vehicle will drill a hole into the moon’s surface and transfer its soil into a mini-vehicle which will lift off on command and dock into an orbiting module and in a span of 2 days, the samples will be on a trip back to earth via a special capsule, landing on China’s Inner Mongolia. This probe’s landing comes 23 months after Chang’e-4, being the first ever human craft to land on the side of the moon that never faces the earth.

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A Chinese Spacecraft Has Also Been Sent To Mars

The most recent flight involves a collaboration with the European Space Agency, which has volunteered to assist in monitoring the mission. China made its first lunar landing in 2013. This probe’s landing comes 23 months after Chang’e-4, being the first ever human craft to land on the side of the moon that never faces the earth- the first space probe from any nation to do so. The Tianwen 1 probe which is launched in July, in on it’s way to the red planet (Mars), carrying a similar lander and a rover in the search for water