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Sheetal Amte Karajgi, Baba Amte’s Granddaughter, Commits Suicide Die To Family Feud

Sheetal Amte

Social activist Baba Amte’s granddaughter, Sheetal Amte, has allegedly committed suicide at Warora in Maharashtra on Monday, confirmed by familial sources. Sheetal had decided to perform this brutal act due to recent public spite involving other members of the Amte family as they were arguing over Maharogi Seva Samiti’s- a social service organization founded by Baba Amte- management. Baba Amte was graced with the Ramon Magsaysay Award and the prestigious second highest civilian award Padma Vibushan for his social work, particularly involving those who were leprosy patients, orthopedically handicapped, vision and hearing-impaired citizens and tribal members ever since 1949. He also ran an asylum at Anandwan, for those who were afflicted and discarded by society and had passed away in 2008.

Sheetal Amte

Injected Poison Into Herself, Clarification Issued Against Sheetal, Blaming Her For Being Mentally Ill

The police had refused to comment on the allegations that Sheetal had injected herself with a lethal substance. Her body was taken for post-mortem to Warora from Chandrapur, which is 50 km apart. A professional team of forensics experts from Nagpur has also gone to Warora to complete the reports and the room in which Sheetal was found- in Anandwan- has been sealed and kept away from witnesses, sources informed. Vikas and Prakash, sons of Baba Amte and their waives Bharti and Mandakini respectively, had lately issued a clarification based on various allegations put forth by Sheetal- Vikas’s daughter- on social media platforms (she had uploaded a video on the “irregularities” caused by the Samiti but had taken it down within two hours). She was the CEO of Maharogi Seva Samiti and had been removed from the board. The clarification from the senior Amtes included information about the effective success of the Samiti and claimed that Sheetal was suffering from depression and had weak mental health. While admitting it on her social media, she had apparently passed inappropriate remarks about the work and trustees of Maharogi Seva Samiti and they apologized for any inconveniences that were caused by Sheetal’s behavior, blaming it on her mental instability, as reported in the statement by the Amte family.

Sheetal Was Also Appointed As The CEO of Anandwan

First set up in 1959 at Warora in the district of Chandrapur, Anandwan is looked after by the administration of the Maharogi Seva Samiti, of which Vikas Amte is the secretary of and Sheetal was its Chief Executive Officer, a post which was brought into existence by her around three years ago. She was also the founder of Marshal and Chiraj, organizations that train medical professionals all across India. Her other foundation Nijbal, focuses on the prevention of disabilities, offers secondary and tertiary education, employment support, vocational training,  counselling in sports, medicine and physical rehabilitation services. She aimed to transform Anandwan into a “smart village”, by making it economically developed, technologically enhanced, and environmentally equipped. In 2016, she was selected as a “Young Global Leader 2016” by the world Economic Forum and was also included as a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network on Humanitarian Response.