Saved by the Bell Reboot offended Selenators and Peacock by some scenes issues an apology

“Saved By the Bell” was a popular American sitcom that was created by Sam Bobrick for NBC. It revolves around some high school kids and their principal. It is has comic genre but other than comedy it also puts focus on remarriage, death, drug use, homelessness, and women’s rights. Saved By the Bell got its first sequel in 1993 “Saved by the Bell: The College Years” and now it is back on Network Peacock as “Saved By The Bell Reboot” 2020.

The show has just started with its first season and couldn’t go on without a controversy and had to apologise quickly after airing its episode 6. The Sitcom’s writer made a fairly big mistake in the writing process. Turns out there was something about the show that didn’t sit well with the Selenators.

Saved by the Bell Reboot

Gomez’s Kidney transplant and fight with Lupus

Selena Gomez’s fanbase has grown immensely over the years and they proudly call their fanbase as Selenators. The 28 years old singer, had a kidney transplant in the 2017 when it was put in her medical records as a necessity. She had complications due to a condition called “lupus”. It is an inflammatory disease where the immune system tries to harm bodies own tissues. During that time Francia Raisa, 32 who is an actor and a friend of Gomez donated her kidney to save Gomez’s life.

“Does Selena Gomez Even Have A Kidney” graffitied on a wall

Selena Gomez was mentioned in the Sitcom when Bayside High School students had a discussion about who donated their kidney to Selena Gomez. They’re seen betting over two popular names, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato. But in reality niether donated an organ to Selena. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were in On and Off relationship in the past, and Demi Lovato was a great friend Of Selena once. These ties were used for reflecting confusion surrounding the surgery of the singer. The joke didn’t last there, but there was also a wall with words ‘Does Selena Gomez even have a kidney’ graffitied on it.

The snippets from this episodes have been doing rounds on the internet and Selenators seem quite mad about this whole joke. They sought an apology from network because making jokes about someone’s serious health issues is not justified.

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Later the Network Peacock issued an apology and said they never meant to make a joke about her situation. They even declared that they’d donate to her charity for lupus patients.