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Mohammed Shami estranged wife Hasin Jahan has been threatened, Accused Arrested

Mohammed Shami estranged wife Hasin Jahan

A 25 year old man was arrested at Kolkata for threatening the Indian Cricket player Mohammed Shami’s estranged wife Hasin Jahan that has been said by the police on Wednesday. An active complaint has been filed by Jahan, the man was arrested from the Canning Station Road area for making several threat calls around last two months and demanding the money from her the officer said. At First it was Jahan’s former domestic help who started calling her and later it becomes as a threat calls and demanding for money.

Arrested the accused

He was demanding money and threatened and along with that if she didn’t afford money he said that he will post her personal photographs and mobile numbers on social media. The person also hurled abuses at her. Jahan had initially started to ignore the calls but when it became unbearable, she lodged a complaint to police on November 22. By tracking both the numbers from where she was getting the calls, we picked up the accused on Tuesday night and the case has been started. The police said there are also looking for the Jahan.

Mohammed Shami estranged wife Hasin JahanHasin Jahan was arrested

Hasin Jahan who locked herself and her child in a room in the India cricketer’s house in Uttar Pradesh and was arrested and then released on bail. There was a controversy about Mohammed Shami wife Hasin Jahan was arrested. Hasin Jahan was taken into custody by police in Amroha which was in Uttar Pradesh after she reached her husband’s house and created a ruckus. She was later released on bail.

Hasin Jahan has went to her husband’s house which is in Sahaspur Ali Nagar village late on Sunday night. When her in laws asked her to leave from the place. She locked herself and along with her child into a room.

Police has supported her in-laws

The police were called. When the police failed to bring a truce between the warring parties, they took Hasin Jahan into custody. Hasin Jahan said to the reporters that she has come to his husband’s house and she had a right to stay. She added that her in-laws are misbehaving with her and the police are also supporting them and they should have arrested them but they are taking her and took her to the police station. Mohammed Shami is currently scheduled with IPL. He is a one of the man of the Kings XI Punjab.

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