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Gossip Girl, Cecily Brooke writes about her neighbourhood, Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, and her novel has us all excited

Cecily Brooke von Ziegesar is an American who has written famous series of novels, “Gossip Girl”. It is a story with a Young adult feel and represents teenage lifestyles. Gossip Girl became the New York Times bestseller in the year 2002 and it was followed by a spin-off, “The It Girl” which also made it to the list of bestselling books.

Now Cecily Ziegesar is creating a whole new plot with totally new characters. She has written about a neighborhood “Cobble Hill” in her new brainchild. The novel will feature some New York residents who are not a bunch of kids but grown-ups. The story revolves around a group of people in the Brooklyn neighborhood who hide a fact.

Gossip Girl

About the Gossip Girl Characters

The characters include:

  • A faculty nurse
  • A rock star who is on the road to getting old
  • A well-known creator
  • An inventor who is introverted
  • And kids

This novel is all about mystery, secrets, and everything we would want in a book. This book is especially important to the writer because it features her own neighborhood and she recalls everything she has ever done while growing up in that place.

On being asked about the characters in Cobble Hill, Cecily Ziegesar said they are not real people and she knows not one human with the name in her book. Cecily said that these characters only grow as a result of some thought or imaginary event. The book took the writer years to get completed.

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This way Cecily relates to her book Gossip Girl

According to the writer, she expressed some issues she had dealt with in elementary college. In her book, she talked about the fear of lice and following conversations with the nurse. She says that she most relates to the 55-year-old Roy, who is struggling to get his writings streamlined. Cecily also mentioned that she didn’t expect Gossip Girl to reach the summit of success and she has grown since then. She believes that Cobble Hill is an excellent piece of writing and it will make the reader feel like he is present there.