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Elon Musk now officially The Second Richest Person In The World, Overtakes Bill Gates to Become

Elon Musk

Tesla’s co-founder Elon Musk is currently the world’s second-richest person after he flew against Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, as reported by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, which holds the wealth records of the world’s top 500 richest people. The 49-year-old entrepreneur, who also happens to be the co-founder of the space exploration organization SpaceX, witnessed his net worth rise from $7.2 billion to a whopping $128 billion on Monday, when Tesla’s shares spiked up after the news announcement of the electric car company being admitted to the S&P 500 index during December. Musk’s net worth has jumped by $100.3 billion ever since the start of 2020, making the largest ever rise among those on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. In January, Musk landed the 35th place. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was punched down to the 4th place when Musk claimed the 3rd position last week. Now, the only person challenging Elon Musk is Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon. Bezos has taken the 1st spot from Gates in 2017 and has never moved from the position ever since.Super Mario Bros 3 Sold for $156,000 At An Auction ,Becomes Most Expensive Game Ever

Bloomberg Billionaire Index Not Surprised With Musk’s Jump Up The Chart

Gates has been forced down to third place, signifying only the second time in the Index’s 8-year-old history in which he hasn’t been ranked in the top two. Gates has a net worth of $127.7 billion, which would be relatively high if it wasn’t for his philanthropic endeavors. Ever since 2006, he has been donating over $27 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This current year, those glued on the Bloomberg Index have consecutively added around 23% or $1.3 trillion to their net worth as countless workers have been facing financial hardship after being waved off by their employees all due to the ongoing chaotic coronavirus pandemic.

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