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California Coronavirus Curfew New Rules Include Closing Clubs and Cancelling Social Contacts

California Coronavirus Curfew

California, one of America’s most populous states, will be heading into a weekend full of strict coronavirus restrictions ever since its “stay-at-home” order this spring. Gavin Newsom, California’s governor, has imposed a strict curfew on all indoor social gatherings and unimportant activities outside the houses, throughout the state, in a massive attempt to reduce the alarming cases of infections. This move was in order just after Gavin had announced to take back the state’s reopening of educational and work institutions.

California Coronavirus CurfewCalifornia’s Sudden Spike In Corona Cases Forces New Restrictions

 These new restrictions are imposed as California versus its most serious spike in cases ever since the beginning of the pandemic. Hospital admissions are nearly up by 64% in two weeks and the infection rates has increased by more than 50, currently standing at 5.6%. Both California and the city of Los Angeles had broken records this week by unpredictable surges. Los Angeles saw nearly 5,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday- the most it has ever seen in one single day, ever since the pandemic. The data also featured records of 13,422 new cases that were recorded on the same day, across the state. About 12% of positive cases end up requiring severe hospitalizations, indicating that based on a single day, around 1200 people will be admitted in hospitals during the next 2 to 3 weeks. Though there is no specific culprit for the hikes in cases, people mixing up both indoor and outdoor activities, especially for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and the forthcoming Christmas celebrations, the gathering of people with family and friends trigger the infection rates at a high pace.

New Restrictions and How It Works

These new restrictions will go into effect on Saturday, and will last from 10pm to 5am every single day. They are supposed to end on the 21st of December, but may be extended if needed. los angers had also ordered its own curfew rules with similar rules and regulations which is said to be extended even if the state mandate expires. This order will be imposed in 41 of the state’s 58 countries, where the virus is reported to spread rapidly. Those 41 countries also holds the majority of residents, coming at 94%. This curfew is much more lenient compared to the total ban on non-essential business and travels, which the governor had imposed in March, and in which he had credited to the flattening of the rate of corona cases, in spite of the peak during summer. Though the new order does not relate to any businesses, non-essential businesses must close their services by 10 pm, although all the restaurants can be permitted to allow takeout and offer delivery after the specified timings.

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