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Kansas City Tornado, National Weather Service issued a tornado warning last night for Eastern and Southern parts

Kansas City is located in Missouri, United States Of America. Kansas City (KC or KCMO) is densely populated and has a Missouri River running from west. KC also goes by the name, “Heart Of America”. Geographic area of Kansas City is 319.03 square miles or 826.28 square kilometers and it lies at geographic centre of USA. Climatic conditions in KC range from Subtropical Humid to Continental humid.

Kansas City Tornado

Tornado Alley

KC lies in “Tornado Alley”, which is a region where winds coming from Canada and Mexico collide. This collision leads to the formation of strong storms mostly during springtime. Due to this collision phenomenon going on in the city, it is vulnerable to tornadoes. KC has seen so many tornadoes in the past and continues to witness more. In 2019, National Weather Service issued a warning regarding a tornado emergency in Kansas and it was followed by a dangerous storm which ended up injuring 11 people in KC. After tornado hit the western part of the area inhabitants were asked to take shelter and stay alert.

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 Apprehensions of a potential tornado storm in Kansas

Today again, there are apprehensions of a potential tornado storm in Kansas. Last night, National Weather Department issued a warning because of same. As per the National Weather Service, eastern and southern parts of Kansas City need to be careful and keep a watch as there might be a tornado around the corner. There is a possibility of a couple of tornadoes, hail and winds upto 70 miles per hour. Tornado watch was not just enforced for Kansas City, but also for Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri till midnight. Johnson, Cass and Lafeyette are among the counties that received warnings from the National Weather Service.