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Coronavirus cases increase in WA, Health Officials Issued an Urgent Call-to-Action

Coronavirus cases increase in WA

OLYMPIA,WA- Washington’s most efficient health officials have issued an urgent call-to-action as the corona virus cases and transmission rates continue to ascend, with the holiday season approaching. The Washington State Department of Health had hosted a news conference on Tuesday afternoon and had revealed the details from the state’s most recent situation report and had flagged various concern markers that were found during the latest data. Dr.Kathy Lofy, the state health office had expressed her anxiousness by stating that she was extremely concerned about the accelerating speed in the spread of COVID_19. Immediate action must be taken, with new stricter restrictions and they must try their best to prevent their hospitals from being overwhelmed with cases. She also said that this situation is really urgent and that “we’re running out of time to change directions.” The state’s brand new revised report, which contains information only till October 30th, has found a massive and rapid spread of the infection across Washington along with a whopping rise in hospitalizations, with the number only growing from the past few days.

Coronavirus cases increase in WAStatewide Situation Report Contents

This deadly disease is rapidly increasing, with the estimates of the reproductive numbers as 1.29 in western Washington and 1.36 in eastern Washington, as of October 30. The aim is to fall below one, which would prove that the transmission is slowly but surely declining. From the mid of October, the case counts and hospitalizations have increased in both western and eastern Washington, and had reached a new high record, surpassing the peak that was recorded in mid-April. Since the patients may be hospitalized for several weeks, it is hard to lend any vacancy for newer patients. Though the state has been sounding the alarm for the surge in the infection rates, Lofy confirms that the most recent numbers are more alarming, with up tp 1,770 cases on November 7th and 1,441 cases on November 10th. It has also been long proved that there are more chances of infection in senior citizens and those with already underlying health conditions, who are most likely to suffer life-threatening consequences. The the transmission sources differ in few places, health officials are now back to focus on cutting down the social lives of citizens, in order to flatten the curve, yet again.

Christmas To Be Spent During Another Pandemic Lockdown For Washington Residers

Tuesday’s briefing contained the three most popular counties of the state, all which reported a sudden spike in the coronavirus cases. In King County, Dr.Jeff Duchin stated that there were around 400 new cases everyday, with hospitalizations increasing up to 30 percent. Similar cases were recorded in Pierce County and Snohomish County, with the cases doubling the past week. Almost health officials had agreed to go through another pandemic lockdown, not after the Christmas holidays, but right now, as the earlier the better. Lacy Fehrenbach, the state’s Deputy Secretary  reminded the health officials that Canada had celebrated Thanksgiving last month and the cases increased due to the social interactions. In order to avoid such a spike in Washington, health experts suggest that the Christmas celebrations only include those who live under the same roof, while also recommending an entire-state lockdown till the end of this miserable year.

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