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China Launched World’s First 6G Experimental Satellite, Claims to Use ultra-fast network in 2030

China Launched World's First 6G Experimental Satellite

China has officially released a satellite on November 6, as a Long March 6 carrier rocket slowly lifted off from the premises of Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in the northern Shanxi Province. The rocket was launched at around 11.09 a.m. later, it was soon announced on the official WeChat Platform of China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology that the world’s first 6G experimental satellite, which was named after the university itself, had successfully taken off the Long March 6 and had smoothly entered the carefully planned and scheduled orbit the same day. It is reported that the satellite is equipped with a terahertz satellite communication payload , which was jointly developed by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, with the close assistance of a number of few top professional domestic laboratories. It will too establish a transceiver link on the satellite platform and carry out the “world’s first experiment of terahertz communication technology in space”, as reported by the university’s announcement on its official WeChat profile.

China Launched World's First 6G Experimental Satellite
First Country To Try Out Terahertz Communication in Aerospace; Helps Disaster and Environmental Concerns

Professor Xu Yangsheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the academic director of the university’s Satellite Technology Research Institute, stated that this 6G experimental satellite may just mark China’s efforts and its breakthrough in exploring the terahertz communication technology in aerospace. The official profile also disclosed the information that the satellite will also be used for disaster prevention, environment protection, intelligent city applications, land planning and helps with the monitoring of major infrastructure construction in addition to all the upcoming 6G experiments. This project is yet another monumental work by China to stay ahead of the global pack in the race to 6G connectivity even when 5G is yet to be released on a wider scale. China is the leader in 5G technology and the race for 5G is hugely responsible for the enhanced China/US trade dispute, that includes the sanctions imposed on Huawei, the leading 5G gear master-manufacturer. If in case the US had aimed to slow down the progress of China’s technological advancement, they have miserably failed to acquire that aim. China, just like Japan and other Asian tech-advanced countries, is already working on the development of 6G.

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