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The hotel industry is now has it’s highly potential and are planned to have a Website Planet

The hotel industry is now has it is highly potentially to the of serious security headache on its hands alongside the pandemic. Website Planet had reports that Prestige Software that the company behind hotel reservation platforms for booking hotels like,,, and Expedia and there was so many websites like this. The left data exposed for the millions of guests on an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. Their are 10 million and more than that log files dated as far back as 2013 and included with names, credit card details, ID numbers and reservation details.

Website Planet
Website Planet

Help of Amazon

 It is not certain thing that how long the data was left open but if anyone took the data. The website Planet said that the hole was closed a day after telling that AWS about the exposure. Prestige confirmed that it owned the data. The damage could be severe if the crooks found the data. WP warned it could lead to be in all the too common risks with the hotel data exposures by the credit card fraud, identity theft and phishing scams. Perpetrators that could even hijack a reservation to steal someone else are to have their vacation with in various places. The practical impact that could be limited, when the few people are traveling during this pandemic situation the hotels is helping them to stay safe and secure. However in this illustrate the dangers of a heavy reliance on third party providers for platforms. The knowledge that left uncovered  by the hotels for thousands and thousands of visitors on an Amazon Net Providers S3 bucket.

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The security of the data

The security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and vulnerability at one company risks compromising all of them. It is not certain how long the data was left open or if anyone took the data. Website Planet said that the hole was closed on a day after telling that AWS about the exposure. Prestige confirmed that it owned the data. In addition the application of various domestic and international sales use value added and other tax laws rules and regulations to our historical and new products and services is subject to interpretation by applicable taxing authorities While we believe that we are compliant with current tax provisions taxing authorities may take contrary position and such positions may adversely affect our business financial condition and results of operations.