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Amber Alert Binghamton Canceled, Sister Abducted now Found, girls were safe and had no sign of any assault

The Amber Alert, an alert inclined towards child abduction emergency, was canceled around 1.30 a.m. after the girls missing from Binghamton was found, the New York State Police reported. The girls were safe and had no sign of any assault, injury, or harm done to them. The New York State Police had asked the New Yorkers to be aware and o the lookout for two 8-year-old girls abducted in Binghamton, with an Amber alert being issued on Thursday, as they were notified missing from 5.30 p.m. onwards, police officials informed.

Amber Alert

Physical Description Of The Girls and “Last Seen” Agenda

One of the girls named Autumn Collis is a white redhead with green eyes. She is up to 3 feet and 6 inches tall, weighing 52 pounds. She was last seen sporting a maroon-red shirt and blue jeans and sneakers. Evelyn Collis, Autumn’s twin sister, is a white blonde with grey eyes. She stands 3 feet and 6 inches in height and also weighs the same 52 pounds. She was last seen in a grey sweatshirt and denim jeans and sneakers, along with her sister Autumn. Their mother Amanda Collis was last seen walking them together.

Sisters’ Mother May Be The Most Likely Suspect, Police Inform

Police say that the most possible suspect is Amanda Collis, the 37-year-old mother of the sisters. She is a white woman, a brunette with green eyes. Standing at 5 feet, 7 inches, and weighing 220 pounds, police remember being her with the sisters in Binghamton and believe she was driving a black 1999 Eagle Talon with Maryland license plates. She is yet to comment on being accused of kidnapping/abducting her own kids; her motive is still unknown. Police had requested the public to immediately contact 911 if in case they had spotted the trio anywhere.