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Austria, Vienna Shooting Atleast 12 Dead, 15 Injured terror attack

Austria, Vienna Shooting

VIENNA, Austria- Armed gunmen opened fire over citizens enjoying an evening out before a coronavirus lockdown on Monday, in which witnesses said was a terror attack that left  2 dead, including one of the assailants, and 15 brutally wounded. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz stated, “We are victims of a despicable terror attack in the federal capital that is still going on.”, hours after the shooting had erupted. He also warned the press that there are still several perpetrators on the run, and told the citizens of Austria to take cover and to not fight back no matter what, as they would not be a suitable match for the armed gunmen. Authorities have strictly urged people to avoid all public transportation and open spaces and to avoid posting videos of police personnel on social media so as to not endanger the officers.

Unmasked Gunmen Walking Down Streets Opening Fire

 Cops confirmed that there were several shots that were fired after 8 p.m. on a very much lively street in the city’s centre and that there were 6 total shooting locations. Unlicensed footage revealed gunmen walking down the street of Vienna, and releasing fire on people at random, making sure to wound several. The goal is still under investigation but Kurz suggested the possibility of an anti-Semantic attack can not be given up, considering the fact that the shooting began outside Vienna’s main synagogue, which was reportedly closed during the shooting. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer informed public broadcaster ORF that the assailants were heavily armed with rifles and the army had been ordered to guard key locations in the city to permit police to pursue the gunmen. Kurz praised the city police for terminating one of the assailants and Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig said 15 people were hospitalised, 7 with serious injuries. The shooting occurred outside the city’s main synagogue, but the intention of the house of worship being a target is still unclear, tweeted by the head of the Vienna’s Jewish community, Oskar Deutsch.

Austria, Vienna ShootingFrance and Now Austria; What Could Be Next In Europe

Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister confirmed that there were at least a 100 rounds that were utilised outside his building, where a bar resides. He also added that it was the last evening before the lockdown and as of midnight, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs will be shut down in Austria for the whole of next month and hence, citizens wanted to use that evening to make up the best of their given time. French President Emmanual Macron tweeted that the French “shares the shock and grief of the Austrian people” that were hit by the attack that night. After France, Austria is another friendly country that has been attacked and they “will not give in.”, he tweeted. France had experienced 3 attacks that were heavily blamed on Muslim extremists in the past few days: one by a Pakistani refugee that wounded 2 people outside the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s old headquarters, the decapitation of a school teacher who taught students about the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and a vicious knife attack in a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice, on Thursday.

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