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COVID-19 rate falls in Ireland, number of COVID-19 patients stabilize and hospitals see a uniform intake

COVID-19 rate falls in Ireland

Ireland is an island that falls in the Northwestern part of Europe. It is the second-largest island on the British Isles. Ireland has been home to its inhabitants for 9,000 years now. Most people follow Christianity and the major part follows Catholicism. According to UN data, the estimated population of Ireland is 4.92 million.

Initial stages of Corona Virus spread in Ireland

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, the daily growth rate in the Republic Of Ireland was 33%. The virus spread was exponential at the beginning. But their response to the growing infection was prompt. Their policies were transparent and they believed in providing open data, which helped the general public judge the situation on individual levels. The regular information from the Department Of Health and other Health Services were properly timed.

Figures about doctors and paramedics

As per International figures, the number of practicing doctors is relatively low. There are approximately 3.1 per 1000 and there are 12.2 nurses per 1000 people in Ireland.

Positive Results after Lockdown and reduction in reproduction rates

The latest figures have shown that the rate of growth in infections has decreased. It has been reported that the reproduction rate has receded from 1.3 and 1.4  per week to 1.0 per week. It was seen that the number of cases that were admitted to hospitals was not increasing but somewhat stabilized. But as per health officials, it is not right to be too satisfied and carefree since there are associated dangers one must be careful about.

COVID-19 rate falls in Ireland Which sections faced restrictions?

There have been efforts made by the Irish Government to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases. The government has made rules which the general population has to follow like maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks. There have been limitations on takeaways from food sources and other restaurant services, restrictions on bars and the Government says that these measures have brought significant results.

The response was given by Philip Nolan and Tony Holohan

In a News Conference, Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the Irish Epidemiological Modeling Advisory Group said that the rate must be brought down to 0.5 so that the cases reduce to 200 people per day.

According to Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer there is a positive indication that things are improving but at the same time, there have been rising cases in the elderly. And it’s a cause of concern since their symptoms worsen and they are more prone to infections. From a broader perspective, the number of COVID-19 patients has been stable in hospitals for the past 10 days.


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