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India ranked 131st in Global Mobile Data Speeds in September 2020: Report

Mobile Data Speeds-Report
Mobile Data Speeds-Report

Although India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world and offers one of the most pocket-friendly data in the world, India’s data speed ranks 131st in the world in the record of Global Mobile Data Speeds.

 Mobile Data Speeds-Report
Mobile Data Speeds-Report

India’s average data speed score is much below the global average

Ookla reports that in their September 2020 Speedtest Global Index, India’s average mobile download data speed was 12.07 megabytes per second (Mbps). On the other hand, the average download data speed in the world was 35.26 megabytes per second (Mbps). India scored noticeably lower data speeds when compared to the world data speed. Moreover, the upload speed and latency average of the country did not display a remarkable result. When the average upload speed of the world is 11.22 megabytes per second (Mbps), India averaged only at 4.31 megabytes per second (Mbps). The latency showed similar results. The global latency average was 42ms while India scored 52 ms.

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India’s neighboring countries score higher in the Ookla Speedtest Global Index

Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka surrounding the Indian subcontinent topped India in the Ookla Speedtest Global Index for September 2020. Nepal held the 102nd position, Pakistan 116th position, and Sri Lanka 117th position on the list. The average mobile data speed of each of these named countries is above 17 megabytes per second (Mbps). However, countries located in the South-Eastern part of Asia scored more in the fixed landline section claiming the 70th position boasting an average download speed of 46.47 megabytes per second (Mbps). Though, they ranked much below that of many small countries like Ghana, Moldova, and Malta.

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India going through major financial losses

Though India has one of the best prospects, in recent years the country has been consistently holding lower positions in the global speed index, launched once every year. Telecommunication firms in India are going through major financial losses and have a feeble position in the market because of the low rankings. We believe this is the reason why India’s ranking lowered two positions below the rank the country held in 2019.