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Hip-hop icon Ice Cube praises Trump and disses Biden for ‘not listening to plan to help black Americans’

Hip-hop icon Ice Cube praises Trump and disses Biden
Hip-hop icon Ice Cube praises Trump and disses Biden

Hip-jump heavyweight Ice Solid shape pushed back

Sunday guarding aligning with President Trump to build up an arrangement to put resources into African American populations — saying he introduced his plans to the two missions, and Trump’s was the one that plunked down with him. “I told everyone that I’m not wading into controversy with this,” the rapper and entertainer told “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace of his “Agreement with Dark America” plan. “I’m willing to meet with anyone who could rejuvenate this and make it a reality.” Solid shape — conceived O’Shea Jackson — said he hated his proposition to both the Trump organization and the mission of his Majority rule challenger, Joe Biden. However, while the Biden group pushed off a plunk down with Solid shape until after Political decision Day, Trump’s child in-law and counsel, Jared Kushner, met with him for three hours. “They tuned in, heard what I needed to state and siphoned up their arrangement, and introduced it to the individuals,” said 3D square, 51, on Sunday.

Hip-hop icon Ice Cube praises Trump and disses Biden
Hip-hop icon Ice Cube praises Trump and disses Bide

Trump a month ago uncovered

A “Platinum Plan” to help carry flourishing to America’s African American populations. “We [black Americans] make up 13 percent of the nation and we’re just getting .5 percent of the abundance in the nation,” Solid shape said Sunday on Fox. “Relatives of slaves, the ones who fabricated this nation, are as a rule kind of overlooked in the quarrel.” But instead of acclaim, the “It Was a Decent Day” rhyme-spitter got disdain for the association, being blamed for selling out for working with Group Trump. He likewise composed on Twitter not long ago that a booked ideal time meets on CNN was suddenly rejected by the organization after expression of the association surfaced.

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The shape revealed to Wallace

He actually doesn’t realize whether he’s deciding in favor of Trump or Biden, yet that he will work with either man to understand his vision. “My dad showed me quite a while past regardless of who’s the president, you gotta get moving to work toward the beginning of the day,” he said. The way to considering either man responsible, Solid shape stated, is to “discover pressure focuses; that is the main way you can push.” The craftsman who made a name kicking the framework with gangster rap bunch NWA during the 1980s revealed to Wallace that while he actually doesn’t care for the force structure, he’s come to all the more likely handle it with age “I actually believe it’s a lot of numbskulls that keep this framework set up,” he said. “However, generally I comprehend why it’s there.”