Facebook is banning some Oculus players who use more than one headset


In a stunning move, Facebook’s Oculus Support group headsets may similar every headset simultaneously. People with an Oculus Rift and an Oculus Quest headset, or Quest headsets would not have the option real Facebook-connected Oc at least two headsets at the same time. An Oculus Support agent disregards Facebook’s ToS, which could bring about a headset.

Oculus Quest And Quest 2 Sadface

Oculus players who use more than one headset

While all by itself, it’s especially tricky for Oculus Quest can’t think carefully without.¬† be that Facebook is recommending one of two alternatives another person in your family logs into the next their headset in turn. Given that a set included), not having the option substitute record on it difficult to presently communicating their disappointment at being rebuffed for their support to Oculus and left the choice to keep going ahead. Facebook is taking a shot at a multi-client answer for Oculus than one Facebook record to be signed in to an Oculus Quest at a time. Up to real way We’ve been in contact with Facebook delegates with respect boycotts and have that Oculus Support has an in and day out While that has been working out fine and dandy for still left a few days, bringing about an Oculus Quest 2 that¬† “paperweight”. We story creates.

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