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US Naval aircraft crashes took place in residential Alabama neighborhood, 3 died

US Naval aircraft crash

The US Naval aircraft crashed into a residential area. In this incident, 2 people had died. The incident took place in Alabama on Friday in the afternoon. It was around 4:23 p.m. that was the local time in Foley, Alabama when the aircraft had crashed. The aircraft’s two aircrews did not survive the crash. However, there is no detail released by the officials of the Navy. The names could be released after 24 hours of the incident. The good thing is they no civilians were injured on the ground.

US Naval aircraft crash

Overview of the situation

It was the Naval aircraft a T-6B Texan II. It went down the city of Foley at about 5 p.m. local time. Although, there were no passengers on the plane. And also no other casualties could be found by anyone. The footage of the scene has something to show. It shows the plane in flames on what appears to be a residential front year. Also, the home caught fire. The disaster could be seen in the footage. It was all smoky in the sky. The smoke could be seen from far away as well. The investigation of the incident is going on. According to the reports, there will be a proper investigation by the team. Local, state, and federal authorities are the members of the investigation. The Navy and the department of defense are also part of this shocking accident. Also till now, no one knows the reason behind the crash. There might be some casualties in the aircraft or might be some problem with the system. No one knows the exact problem and the reason for the crash. There were several cars that also caught up in the flames after the crash. Although, the situation was controlled by the fire officials. They went on time and controlled the fire.

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The plane had flown out of the Naval Air Station Whiting Field. It was about 30 miles northeast of Pensacola, Florida. Also according to the reports, the people are cooperating with the officials. Such incidents could be very problematic for citizens. It could even lead to big disasters at the place. But here the situation was under the control. So things were managed.

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