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President Donald Trump didn’t find ‘Borat’ star Funny moreover ‘creep’


President Donald Trump is again in the controvieries for saying Sacha Baron Cohen creep. He thinks that the comedian behind the Borat films is not funny. Borat subsequent film, shows Trump Rudy Giuliani in a compromising position in hotel room with a young woman acting as a journalist. However, in this context President Donald Trump has made its very clear that he did not know anything what happened with Giuliani. In his interview with Baron Cohen’s Ali G character he walked away after just a minute.


Comedian tried to scam President

Cohen is well known for his dressing up as different characters. That too in a bid to dupe high profile stars into making embarassing statements on camera. In the interview with President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump said that he tried to scam him. He attached footage of Bakalova, who in the movie plays Borat’s daughter Tutar Sagdiyev. The Borat character is even moked the conservative network. The footage includes Trump calling an OAN. Another scene from the Baron Cohen’s sequel to the original Borat movie shows Giuliani on a bed. There Giuliani seen tucking his shirt. This is with his hand down his trousers after woman helps him remove recording equipment. Whereas Giuliani called this scene as a hit job. Also President Donald Trump realised that he was being trapped. He even him a phoney guy. Trump appeared on HBO’s Da Ali G Show. When all this happened.

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Mr Giuliani denial

Mr Giuliani issed an angry denial after being trucked jnto a fake hotel room interview with a young woman. However, in the film the encounter seems to leave the 76 years old former New York mayor in a highly compromising situation. Also caught with hands down his pants in the bedroom. Mr Trump had made comments after taking off from Pensacola, Florida on his way to West Palm Beach. Borat video is a complete fabrication. This is what he claims about the video and the controversy.

But Mr president Donald Trump said that he finds the comedian creepy. He did not like his comedy. It is not funny for him what the comedian do in his comedies.

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