Drew Barrymore’s Long Dead Relative Summons By A Psychic , Who Is Discovered To Be Very Much Alive

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

An experienced psychic Anna Raimondi has baffled the viewers of Drew Barrymore’s talk show by summoning one of Drew’s dead relative’s spirit, live on-air. And nobody could be more surprised about the fact that the relative who was awakened turns out to be very much alive and kicking in Boston. The “Charlie’s Angels”  actress was in laughable ecstasy as she realized that she was confused as to who was alive and who was dead. Her ex-husband had currently described the telepathic medium as “a submittal hack”.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

Still Part Of Drew’s Beloved Ex-in-laws Family

Anna Raimondi had given her a spiritual reading on the show last week and she said that she felt the presence of a “judge”. Drew then burst into hysterical tears, finalizing the judge as  David- a relative of Will Kopelman, her ex-husband- whom she declared dead. The psychic examined the actress’s emotional aura and said that the presence of one of the Kopelman family proves that she was and will always be a part of that family even though she has split from her ex-husband. The only small hitch in the evaluation of the spirit is that Judge David Kopelman is 82 and is doing just fine.

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Judged The Wrong Judge

Art consultant and specialist Will who was married to Barrymore between 2012-1016, explained to us that though Drew and Will have a stable relationship even today, he will absolutely continue to wish her all the success in life and with that being said, “this segment was a solid laugh considering my uncle David Kopelman is still very much alive”, he said. He also added that he wasn’t a big fan of professions of future telling, telepathy, palm reading, etc because “those mediums who prey on vulnerable bereaved people with claims that they can communicate with the dead loved ones in exchange for fame and compensation all belong in jail.” A representative for Barrymore informed us that the grandfather of Will is Frank, who was also a judge and is deceased. David, who happens to be Will’s uncle, is also judge and hence, the confusion. When asked for comments, psychic Raimondi replied saying “I felt a judge who is passed. Drew said, David. I only felt a judge.”

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