PlayStation Store Adds a Free Theme on Black Lives Matter PS4 Theme


The PlayStation Store has made a free theme for the PlayStation 4. These themes show the importance of black lives around the globe. Thus theme was shared on the official PlayStation Twitter account. This new theme got inspiration from the Black Lives Matter Movement. Although, such small steps lead to big changes towards the problems. And black lives matter is one the biggest problem emerging even in this 21st century.

PS5 Black Lives Matter Theme design

The theme features a black background with yellow accents and a yellow barrier that forms the Black Lives Matter symbol. This free theme will be available to download from the PlayStation Store and the PlayStation app as well as the PlayStation’s official website.

Overview of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Thus the movement was formed to protest against the racial injustice which is prevailing in the world. And it took more fire after the death of George Floyd who was killed by the police in May. His death has opened the eyes of many people and all many protests took place around the world demanding justice for him. Not only George Floyd after his death there were many black people who were killed because of their color. Doesn’t it sound strange in this 21st century that we are facing such problems? But today also there is a protest which takes place for the justice of black lives. There were many gaming companies that donated money to the movement. And this step by PlayStation developers to initiate the cause and aware of the people. A small step will surely make a big difference in the world. This new theme based on this movement will have a huge impact on the people. Some of the company has showcased black creators. This is a small but important way to support voices that are not heard, especially in these times.

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PlayStation 5 support for the theme

However, there is no such information if the PlayStation 5 will support the Black Lives Matter theme. There are some key features that include a slightly redesigned UI, cross chat support with PS4, and an activities tab that keeps the players updated on the progress of a game. There will be a new update that has more avatars for the players to choose from profiles, more in-depth parental controls, and many more. These updates will be also on the PlayStation 5 when the console finally launches this November.

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