Mars Horizon will now be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam. It will release on November 17

Mars Horizon

Mars Horizon will now be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam. It will release on November 17. Mars Horizon allows players in charge of a NASA like agency at the dawn of the space age. This gives the users the control of a major space agency. This leads from the dawn of the space age through the landing of astronauts on Mars.


Mars Horizon is a strategy simulation game. In this game, the players can lead a major space agency as you guide humanity to Mars. Players can construct a base, design, and build rockets. They can conduct missions throughout the Solar System. They can even write their own history of space exploration. This game is created with support from the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

Features of Mars Horizon

This Mars Mission will bring knowledge as well as entertainment to the Players. They will get to know about the mars a little more. Some of the key features are described below:-

  1. The players can create their base with launch pads as well as with research labs. They can also have astronaut training facilities.
  2. They can construct their own custom Vehicles. This has hundreds of combinations for them.
  3. They can launch satellites that can crew spacecraft. This helps them. To explore the Solar System.
  4. They can run mission control this helps them to solve various challenges of turn-based missions. Later they could earn scientific advancement and public support.
  5. They can also explore an extensive tech tree and compete or collaborate with other agencies. They can also plot their road maps.
  6. They can choose from the five unique space agencies. Each agency has its own traits, base, vehicles, and spacecraft.
  7. They can also create their own custom space agency.

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  1. The launch of payload into space is only the first step.
  2. The players need to manage their spacecraft’s resources and solve strategic challenges.
  3. Space has a very unforgiving environment. The players need to be focused on.

This will push you to stay ahead of the other agencies. There are numerous ways to ensure the first person on Mars is under your command. Thus this includes actual events and missions. It is an inspiration for the players.