Rainbow Six Siege gives a Hint to come to Xbox Game Pass, Latest Picture out now


There are some rumors streaming around that Rainbow Six Siege is looking like to come to Xbox Game Pass. Actually, these interpretations came through after looking for an image that has uploaded to Xbox Game Pass on the twitter media. Accordingly, now fans have started to speculate that the next big game will be coming to the subscription service featuring Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege on XGP’s Twitter

There is an uncaptioned image that has posted on the Twitter handle of Xbox Game Pass just a few hours after the LucasArts games announced that it is on the way to come to the Xbox Game Pass.  In that image shared by Xbox Game pass, Six Rainbows is there on top featuring a siege at a castle along with a little room that has been left for other interpretations of the image. According to fans, the uncaptioned image posted by Xbox Game Pass on its social media possibly can be meant for two things. The first one is that Rainbow Six Siege is looking to come to Game Pass. The second interpretation fans are having is that the social media team of Xbox has gone rogue and may be looking to create trebuchet memes.

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Rainbow Six Siege image on Social Media

Xbox Game Pass posted an image on its social media handle leaving the fans in the mode of high suspense. That post shred by XGP just contains an image of the scenario exposing a medieval siege with six rainbows spread across the sky. It looks like Xbox Game Pass gave a hint for people that Rainbow Six Siege is coming to the service in near future. Unfortunately, the image completely leaves the fans in great suspense along with a few other interpretations to think for Rainbow Six Siege. So, we have to wait further for other updates.

Rainbow Six Siege animated image

Looking at the animated image of Rainbow Six Siege on the official Twitter handle of Xbox game Pass, tech experts along with the fans of Six Siege are speculating that the users or the players will be looking to the Rainbow Six Siege in the list of all the games that giving Microsoft some monthly payment. Rainbow Six Siege is emerging strong just after 5 years by appearing on the long list of the best games known to meant for play on the computer at present and it is one of the top 100 games of the computers. For more updates, stay tuned with us.