Microsoft discontinuing the supply of Office 2010 and Office 2016 on the Mac

Office 2010

On Tuesday, Microsoft sent out a final reminder to all Mac users that the company shall be discontinuing the supply of Office 2010 and Office 2016 on the Mac. It declared that the final security update has rolled out. Resorting to previous strategies, the company ended the support pitch to customers by encouraging them to switch to their subscription-based Office 365. However, users can continue using the expired applications at their own risk.

Office 2010

Perpetual Versions of the Application Suite

The Office 2010, a set of productivity applications by Windows, namely, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, debuted in April 2010. Initially, it received Microsoft’s standard support. Speaking of the Office 2016 for Mac, it was allotted only five years of support, which is the maximum for a Mac-based bundle. Office 2016 came out in September 2015.

Microsoft calls both the applications the perpetual versions of its application suite. Buyers pay a one-time fee for the product and then get lifetime access on the specific device it has been licensed to. Even after the support for the version has ended, the user can continue to use it if they are willing to accept security risks and other bugs.

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Microsoft Office 365 For MAC

Microsoft urged Mac users to shift to its subscription-based Microsoft 365 application post shutting down services for Office 2010 and Office 2016. It was very specific about choosing the locally-installed applications, which formerly went by Office 365 ProPlus. In April, they were rebranded as Microsoft 365 apps. The company believes that the subscription-based software is the end game for all customers. 

An Alternative to the Office 365 For MAC users

Everyone cannot switch to a subscription-based application after using a one-time pay application for their whole life. To compensate for them, Microsoft declared that it is offering the Office 2019 to all such customers. However, it emphasized on the point that this version does not receive feature updates. 

Microsoft has never forced its customers to opt for its subscription-based applications. At the same time, the company has never left an opportunity to promote the same. However, it is likely that Microsoft will eventually end perpetual licensing for the client Office apps.