Google Pixel 5 -pseudo-stereo audio, The product stuns the netizens and It’s Awesome

Google Pixel 5

Google has been one of those companies that are renowned for its innovations. Even when you ask a commoner about What google they know it all as their Favourite search engine. But nowadays Google is trying to expand its reach and have been launching varied phones. So very recently the company released a new phone. If you want to know more about it; do read till the end.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5, The phone is all here

We got a big Pixel with dual selfie cams and a fingerprint sensor in the back two years ago, but then last year’s Pixel 4 featured a front cam, two back cams (including one with a zoom lens), and 3D face recognition instead of a fingerprint reader. And there’s Pixel 5 right now. Google purchased a large chunk of HTC and began to merge its U.S. and Taiwan teams (the Pixel 3a was mainly the first Pixel designed in Taiwan), it felt like Google was a little confused about the direction of the Pixel. But now the improvise features are revealing the hard work and determination it did so far.

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Google Pixel 5 Specs

We will get a processor that’s a tier below what most flagships are rocking, an ultra-wide camera in back instead of a zoom, and no XL version to complement the standard model with its relatively small 6-inch screen. It’s one of the most unique phones of the year and a great value.

  • Instead of going with a slim earpiece speaker as you get on almost every other phone, Google built a speaker into the display of the Pixel 5, which vibrates the screen and, when you make a call, produces noise.
  • The vibrating screen of the Pixel 5 also works with the bottom-firing speakers of the phone to produce a sort of pseudo-stereo audio.
  • The Pixel 5 has a thin, unblemished bezel, which wraps around the entire device and results in a neat and sleek front façade (well, apart from that hole-punch selfie cam).
  • In favor of a good ‘ole digit reader in the back, Google even forgot the 3D face scanner is used on the Pixel 4, along with the fancy in-display fingerprint sensors so many premium phones have adopted.
  • The most interesting thing about Pixel 5 as a whole in the back of it. The Pixel 5 technically has an aluminum body instead of glass or polycarbonate, although you would never know it because Google covered the rear of the Pixel 5 in “bio-resin.”
  • It also makes the phone less slippery and allows Google to give more depth and richness than normal to the Pixel 5 ‘s signature Sorta Sage color.
  • Wireless charging is even supported by the Pixel 5 (Google calls it Battery Share).
  • Actually, the Pixel 5’s 4,000 mAh battery is the largest battery ever put into a Pixel by Google

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